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How to book tracks faster
How to book the track you want quickly and not to waste precious time during booking process.
milford track mountain
Milford track - tips
When I told my friends that I was going to New Zealand, the most common question was “are you going to Milford track?”. Thus, I found out that this is not “another track” but this is the “finest walk in the world”!
milford track elevation profile
Milford track - route description
Here you will find a description of the most popular track in New Zealand.
kepler track elevation profile
Kepler track - route description
Here you will find a description of the Kepler great walk.
kepler track
Kepler track - tips
Useful tips before going to the Kepler great walk.
routeburn track lake MacKenzie
Routeburn track route description
When I first read that Lonely planet has chosen Routeburn trek as one of the best 10 treks in the world, I knew that I must walk and see it when I will be in New Zealand...
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Hitchhike, buy or rent a car in New Zealand?
Every traveler in New Zealand has come across the question of transportation and what is the best method to move across the country. What is the best way to explore New Zealand's gorgeous scenery?
7 things to do in Auckland, New zealad
10 Reasons to Fall in Love with Auckland
Get ready to explore Auckland like never before with our curated list of the top 10 captivating experiences. Let the allure of this charming city draw you into a labyrinth of choices, from daring adventures to cultural journeys, promising an unforgettable exploration that will leave you craving for more.
New Zealand snonowy mountain
What is the most important thing you must do in New Zealand
There are hundreds of different websites and articles about New Zealand. They all write about the tracks and New Zealand's great walks but they all miss one thing that is, probably the most important one.