How to book tracks faster
Many tracks in New Zealand have to be booked in advance. Take for example the most famous track - Milford. It would be almost impossible to book any tickets since all huts are booked months in advance. However, other great walks such as Routeburn, Kepler , Abel tasman and others, can also be booked only several weeks in advance.

Therefore, you have to frequently check the DOC (Department of Conservation) website, hoping for other traveler to cancel his/her reservation so that you can book a hut/campsite for the track you want.

By the way, this is exactly what our system does for you - it will continously monitor for any cancellations and notify once an available spot is found)

And then, after endless attempts, you can finally see an available place and you rush to book it... However, during the booking process, you waste precious time on registering to DOC website and, in the meanwhile, someone else has taken your place. It is soooo frustrating!! Therefore, it is important to register to the DOC website in advance, so that when you see an available place, you can immediately book.

How to do it?

Go to DOC login page , click "Register" and complete the registration (registration is FREE)

doc new zealand register

After completing the registration, make sure to remember your username and password. Next time you see an available hut on the track you desire, you will be able to use them to register quickly and book the track.

If you want to get an automatic email immediately when there are available huts, click here and we can do it for you.

Some more things you can do to get the track:

While the previous action can be done by anyone, the following 2 actions are relevant only for users who have registered to NZtracker service.
  1. After registering to NZtracker, you will get emails when there are available places for the track you want. Therefore, we advice you to configure your smartphone to make a "beep" sound (or any sort of notification you phone makes) upon receiving an email . Thus, when you receive an email from NZtracker, you can immediately book.
  2. Make sure that emails from NZtracker do not end up in your "spam" folder. Just check it occasionally once in a while and make sure that NZtracker mails are not there. Just in case it does happen, simply mark the mail as "not spam". Thus, you will get emails to your inbox correctly.