About us
My dream was always to travel to New Zealand. Since I was a child, I have read about the spectacular scenery that characterizes New Zealand - native forests, lakes, rivers to rugged mountain peaks, deep gorges and vast valleys.

After I got married, my wife and I decided to fulfill my dream and spend our honeymoon in New Zealand. This was for sure the 2nd best choice I have done (my 1st best choice was choosing my wife). Before traveling to New Zealand, we read a lot about it - about the great walks, about the weather (and the fact that there are 4 seasons in one day when you are in NZ).

Since we were on our honey moon, we wanted to be flexible, so that if we loved a place we could stay there more days than we planned. This was indeed a great decision, but we also wanted to go to the premier tracks - Routbern, Kepler and of course Milford. When we tried booking places for those tracks, all the huts were booked. We kept checking the DOC website several times a day trying to book the tracks... Finally, we did book 2 places, but only to Kepler. We could not find any places for Routeburn or Milford tracks. It was not too pleasant checking the DOC website all the time, and finally not getting any positive results.

When we got home, I have decided to build this website that would help travelers book a place without the hassle of constantly checking for available huts. I thought of a website where the system will keep searching for available places and will let the user know when there are available place - and here it is.
As for me, I will have to come back to NZ in the future and walk these tracks! For sure I will !