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What you need to know before going to the Milford track
Milford track booking

Getting to the start of the Milford track
getting to milford track

Optional: You have to get to “Te Anau Downs”. A boat from Te Anau Downs will take you to the start of the trek.MUST : A boat from “Te Anau Downs” will take you to “Glade Wharf”, where the Milford track begins. Thus, you have to reserve a boat (via the DOC website) in advance.

Another alternative is reaching the start of the track via Dore Pass Route. Note, this is a challenging route for experienced hikers only.

boat to te anau downs *map from Google

Returning back
MUST : You will end the Milford track at “Sandfly point” (yes, there are heaps of sandflies there…!) You should book the boat that will take you from this point to the Milford sound village. Since the last day is a long day, it is recommended to book the latest boat so that you don't have to rush.

boat to milford sound *map from Google

At the end of the last day, you will, inevitably, have to arrive to the place where you want to stay that night. We recommended you reserve your sleeping place for that day in advance.
This are has a lot of travelers and you will have a variety of ways reaching your hotel/camp for that night:

Milford Weather
The route located in the Milford Sound area, in the Fiordland National Park in New Zealand. The milford sound weather is highly unstable. Winds, rains and snow can occur anytime during the year. It is highly recommended to check the metservice website for the milford track weather forecast. However, since the weather is so unstable, it would be almost impossible to exactly predict the weather conditions even 2-3 in advance. Therefore, it is recommended that you take the needed gear and be prepared for any weather scenarios.

Here are some things you are advised to take with you: