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Can’t find any available Kepler,
Routeburn, Milford huts?
We will notify you upon cancellations so that you could immediately book.
How it works
Our unique algorithm is constantly working in the background to track all available huts.
As soon as it comes up with something we’ll let you know.
Step 1:   Register
doc new zealand register
    Pick out the track and the dates you want us to look up.
Step 2:   Get notified
doc new zealand register
    NZtracker will run non-stop scanning for available huts. When found, you’ll be immediately notified.
Step 3:   Book & Enjoy
doc new zealand register
    Book the track via the DOC website and enjoy the breathtaking views!
User stories
110% of your money back!
If no available places found for the dates you specify and you never get a notification, you will be
eligible for a 110% refund CLICK HERE for full terms